We care for your privacy. When you visit our website www.sreeramabookcentre.com, you are going to share certain information required for completing the transaction/activity. We protect your information with reasonable care in respectable manner. We retain, preserve and use the data for enhancing the user friendly environment as an ongoing process at SRBC. It ultimately enriches the book-browsing or online purchase of the user during successive future intervals.

We help aware of the data being collected so that it can help serve you better and further. The policy will keep updating regularly with change in pace with industry trend, user taste preference, technology in place and any other relevant factors. We request you to update with the changes regularly.

The following Privacy Policy covers all the information shared by the user on the website www.sreeramabookcentre.com (here in after referred as “website”). Your information will be safe with us as per the terms of our policy.

Information collection policy:

In order to use the website, the user must first register himself on the website with his personal details such as name, address, e-mail address, nationality, occupation and such other details as required by the registration form.

The website store such information in cookies and log files to generate a profile and the user shall be given a unique identification number. It helps us to keep track of the user preferences and improve website services to meet user specific requirement.

Our website automatically track information related to use of the services by the user on the website. This information may include, among other things, URL tracking information, browser used by the user, the user’s IP address, pages and ads viewed by the user and selections or other actions taken by the user while using the website. We track usage through cookies. We may tie up with Intermediary advertisers who place cookies on browsers of the user. Website shall not, in any manner, be liable for such advertisements.

Our website may also collect information about the user’s book or content preferences. For example, website may collect, among other things, information such as what books the user likes or dislikes the user’s preferences. We may save information sent through or posted on the website. Our website may collect correspondence, such as emails or letters, sent to us. We may collect the user’s responses to online polls, ads, surveys, electronic newsletters and questionnaires.

In addition to the users referred to above, the website may also collect information from a user at various stages beginning with the first access of the website. User may be requested personal information and unique identifiers such as credit card number, depending on the module/section of the website the user wishes to access.

The Website shall use the information to analyze the same to provide such services requested by the user. The profile/general information given by users shall be used to keep track of viewing preferences of the user.


A cookie (also tracking cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on a user’s computer by a web browser, which can be used for authentication, session tracking (state maintenance), storing site preferences, shopping cart contents, the identifier for a server-based session, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing textual data.

These cookies may be used by us for tracking of user preferences, personalization of services provided etc. There may be various advertisements on our website, viewing which may result in third party cookies being set in user’s computer. We shall not be responsible for such cookies.

Log files:

These include IP addresses, Internet Service Provider, number of clicks etc which are not linked to user’s personal information, but are used to track user’s movement on the internet and gather broad demographic information of the aggregate use.


Once the user makes any purchase on the website, subscribes to any module or registers for any service on this website, he may receive e-mails relating to such services. The mails will be relating to generation of a new password, status of user’s profile or such other information that may be requested by the user.


From time to time, the website may be required to send certain service based notices/announcements. Also, in case the website was to be up gradation or for maintenance or if services were to be temporarily suspended, we may send a mail to user’s registered e-mail account.

Promotional content:

The communications are only in pursuance of our services and are to be deemed promotional in nature.


User’s registered profile shall not be shared with any third parties without user’s prior written consent. All information shall be kept private and confidential unless the user wishes to make it public or if such information is required to be disclosed pursuant to an authority as needed. Additionally, in certain cases, we may be required to disclose the user’s personally identifiable information when the law requires it, or in response to any demand by law enforcement authorities in connection with a criminal investigation, or civil or administrative authorities in connection with a pending civil case or administrative investigation.


We may use user’s information, provided by user to verify user credentials before we establish a relationship with such user.

Change of user information:

The user is given the option to change any information provided by him. User may at anytime discontinue our services by de activating your profile.

Protection of user information:

All user information is restricted to our server and accessible by persons authorized to do so in order to provide services to user. All persons accessing user information shall do so through a password protected account and any breach of confidentiality obligations by employees of us shall be strictly penalized. Servers that store your information are kept in a safe and proper place.

However, we may share aggregated statistical information about the use of the web site with partners and associates of company for the purpose of research and analysis.

SRBC reserves the right to sell, share or transfer personally identifiable information about its customers with any successor in interest (e.g. if the Company is sold to a third party).SRBC shall be the sole owner of the information so collected